88Ins – Insurance Plan for up to 88+

Life insurance is needed by most of us, but choosing the right insurance products for you and your family is very challenging for many people. That’s why we insurance professionals should provide help and more useful and detailed information about the available products.

To save you time and money, we can help you to analyse your needs and your existing life insurance policies and financial situation and provide some good products for you to choose.  By making informed decision, you will not regret that you might make the mistakes.

Call Kaibo Paul Huang for an appointment today:

​Tel: 510-288-8761
(CA Ins License #0F75001 )


黄凯波 拥有 保险的专业知识和
​多年在美国生活和商界的经验 为您服务

从前在一家只卖该公司单一产品的工作经验,后来了解到,原来其他公司可以有更好的产品可以推荐给自己和朋友。所以决定加入 Transpacific – The No.1 Asian General Agency in the United States  通过我们新公司,可以给客户提供客观和全面的产品和服务。
通过Existing policy review (分析现有保单),发现我女儿以前买的 Whole Life 居然可以用更好的 IUL产品少交保费却马上增加一倍多的保额。 希望我可以和朋友们和新老客户分享我自己的经验。
Kaibo Huang
Insurance Agent
(CA Ins License #0F75001 )
​Tel: 510-288-8761

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